Monday, June 22, 2009

Climate Changes - a good online read for free

“Current climate science might support projections on a scale of couple of thousand kilometers, but anything smaller than that is uncharted territory.”
Myles Allen
University of Oxford

Here is a link to free Climate Change book writen by David G. Victor member of Council on Foreign Relations. But, please, make sure you read between the lines as well. I personaly have some trust issues when it comes to CFR.

Another one is: Climate Change: A Natural Hazard by William Kininmonth

And last, but not least: Climate change: impact on coastal habitation by D. Eisma

Friday, June 19, 2009

Latest News on Climate Change

“Now is the moment to make a decision to steer this in a direction that you want.”
Guus Velders
Netherlands Environmental Assessment Agency

Hello all,

I found this great page on the New York Times site that talks about the latest news on the climate change, energy and environment. Let's help ourselves and contribute to the safety of our planet!